Christmas Money Saving Tips!

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Christmas is just 2 days away!

This post might be really, really, late. But, it’s better late than never isn’t it? With the festive mood is on, we tend to go on a spending spree on gifts, decorations, and parties. Be careful! It may harm your wallet at the beginning of the new year. Here are some money saving tips to prevent you from the new-year “crisis”.

  • Plan for affordability, not desirability

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Before you start planning, consider this: many list every lusted-for item, gifts for all, and a corking meal, then only afterwards consider: “How will I pay for it?” That’s a recipe to be broke.

Instead, calculate your budget (see the free Budget Planner), and ask: “What can I afford to spend on Christmas?” Christmas is one day – don’t ruin the whole of the next year for it.

  • Start saving early to spread the cost

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A typical British family spends more than £820 on Christmas, according to YouGov. Yet many struggle to foot it from December’s pay-packet alone and end up borrowing.

If you haven’t started saving, there’s still time. For example, put £200 aside from Sep, Oct and Nov’s income to spread the cost.

If you can’t afford to save, cut your cloth accordingly.

  • Book planes, hotels, trains, and other accommodations early

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Peak season tickets are high. You can buy tickets cheaper weeks before. The cheapest time to buy tickets, some say, and most likely to be true, is 3 to 4 weeks before departure.

  • Set up a “Christmas Cupboard”

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Make a list of who you need to buy for and whenever you see goods at kick-bum prices, grab, wrap, and stuff ’em in a Christmas cupboard – the earlier the better.

  • Find the cheapest place to buy gifts in seconds

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The web usually smacks the high street’s bottom on price. To help, shopbots are special shopping robots that search the net to find the cheapest CDs, books, games or anything else.

  • Pick up bargains in the sales

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The January sales start earlier and earlier each year, and it’s a great time to pick up a bargain for next Christmas. It’s often hard to predict what gifts to buy, but you might be able to pick up generic items, like Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations.

You could designate a drawer or a box in a cupboard to collect presents, wrapping or cards throughout the year and make sure you keep track of what you’ve bought to avoid over spending.

  • Go to the local supermarket

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Buying the festive food can be an expensive business, so make the most of discount supermarkets. It’s also worth noting that the stores’ Christmas puddings have fared well in taste tests, sometimes beating more expensive brands.

  • Don’t buy too much

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Most hosts will want to put on a plentiful spread, but it’s easy to overestimate the amount that people will tuck away. If you don’t want to waste food – or the money you’ve spent buying it – look at, which has a portion calculator. If you’re catering for a party that’s going to last two hours, it calculates that you’ll need seven party food nibbles per person. It gives examples too, which means you’ll be able to jot down the ingredients on your shopping list easily.

  • Get on eBay

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No, not to buy presents – to make room for them! If you’re worried about where you’re going to put your haul, it could be time to decide what has to go. Selling your old things could generate quite a bit of money for the Christmas kitty, but it will require some effort, as you’ll have to photograph the item, list it and ship it. If this sounds like hard work, there are alternatives. Amazon is probably the best choice if you want to sell books; even though there are fees, the profit can add up if you’re selling lots of titles. Local internet forums are worth a look too, as many let you list items for nothing and the chances are that someone in the local area won’t mind coming to pick them up.

  • Get premium brands at discount prices

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If you know where to look, you don’t have to compromise on your favourite brands when you’re trying to save money. For those who prefer shopping online, there are outlet and clearance stores, often owned by big names such as Marks & Spencer and Next, where you can buy their products but pay a lot less. The products are often available for a fraction of the usual price, although this is usually because they are last season’s stock.


Well, that’s all. Hope this money saving tip — kind of — is helpful.

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